Donald trump jr speaks at republican convention,’ CNN says: http://t

Donald trump jr speaks at republican convention,’ CNN says: — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) July 20, 2015

So h더킹카지노e called the Clinton campaign a “corrupt” operation, and then said she had an agenda더킹카지노, but was a corrupt liar, too.

There is something wrong with him now because of his actions to make m더킹카지노e say something about him, yet he was wrong about all of it.

So yeah I will always say his record shows his real motives aren’t really his.

We should be focusing on the guy’s statements, not his actions, even though he’s called me a liar.

He was calling me “an evil liar.” I say it’s fine, because that is all I’m going to say about the issue.

I guess he called people liars all the time.

A few people here, who know me well, commented here and said “who cares about her,” but I don’t care about her.

It’s been a week on my birthday, and I’m here, with her.

If she’s not willing to answer, I have my staff going.

This past Thursday Donald Trump told Fox News that no one should “go to jail” for using his name.The problem is he was being intentionally vague about when he meant that. It’s not exactly what we would expect from someone of his calibre.Trump actually called Clinton a “corrupt and horrible liar,” and a couple people in his own party, among them Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who was in the audience, jumped on the quote to attack him. Trump made reference to someone in the audience asking “who are you, a journalist?”Trump’s initial response is also more ambiguous, but his own supporters are starting to dig in against him.

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