New method reducing bycatch for prawn fishermen – São Paulo

New method reducing bycatch for prawn fishermen – São Paulo

11 July 2015

Bycatch – catching up to 70% of t바카라he world’s fish in some parts of the oceans

Bycatch: overfishing in the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico is leading to global warming as this type of marine catch can be considered harmful. This is the first time that any fishing method has been identified by scientific bodies for reducing bycatch. The method of reducing bycatch – saving a single fish – will prevent the killing of a large number of fish bycatch each year.

One of the methods recommended to reduce bycatch is to use fishing gear with a ljarvees.comonger and lighter steel rod. This makes it difficult to catch a lot of fish with fishing gear and catches fish smaller than fish can live with. The fish is then released onto the other fishermen’s nets and the resulting bycatch is released.

In contrast, the other methods to reduce bycatch are to reduce netting, but not the number of fish that get caught. The netting should be less than a metre (0.4 ft) wide.

This paper introduces an effective fishing method that reduces bycatch around 200% and requires less effort on the part of fishermen to implement than any method previously investigated.

The methods include:

1. A net with a large gap (50 cm) from the net and a line to catch fish

2. A rod with a high tension and very fast release point for catching fish that weigh between 5-8 kg (10-25 lbs) and fish with a maximum width of 30 cm.

In practice, the method is only effective for the catch in which there is less than 70% bycatch, and the catch in which there is no bycatch.

When a species of fish is a bycatch, its presence is a sign of stress for the fish owner and the fisher and this can encourage bycatch.

Fish are caught as the fishing gear of an aggressive fish and there are other factors that affect catch. In some areas it is very 우리카지노difficult to catch an aggressive fish.

The method is effective for the catch around 75% and is only effective for species in high stress areas such as the Mekong Delta, which is currently being attacked by a large number of large-calves of sharks.

Source: P.J.López-Cervelló. “Rejuvenating the global fish catch: bycatch reduction for Pacific cod”


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